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The basics:

  • At this point, assume that we will be using the 1.3 rules unless 2.0 comes out and their is great demand.
  • Army lists will be due by 11:59 PM Eastern time on Friday January 12, 2017
  • 4,500 points
  • In addition to your normal 4,500 point army, you must bring a giant for use on day two.
  • Army lists to be built according to the composition rules in The Ninth Age.
  • Regarding basing: The Ninth Age specifies base sizes, even for war machines. Part of the painting checklist gives points for all miniatures being on correct bases.
  • Fully painted armies are not required this year.


Welcome to Siege at the Tower 2018. Ohio’s longest running Fantasy Battles tournament.

This is the 17th year of the tournament, and the fifth year that the Siege is being run as a Grand Tournament. This will be the second year that we’ll be running The Ninth Age Fantasy Battles.

This is version 1.0 of the tournament rule pack for Siege at the Tower 2018. It contains general rules (not scenarios). If there are revisions to this document, they will be noted in a list at the end.


Armies must be no more than 4,500 points. Additionally, you must bring a giant to add to your army on day two.

Grudge Matches

There are no grudge matches this year.


  • Up to 100 battle points and bonus points (20/round)
  • Up to 25 sportsmanship points (5/round)
  • Up to 15 favorite points (3/vote)
  • Up to 20 painting points
  • Up to 5 list on time bonus points
  • Battle Points

    Siege at the Tower will continue with a 20-0 system this year, scored as per the main rules.

    Sportsmanship Points

    Sportsmanship points are awarded each round by your opponent. Scores range from zero to five. It is expected that most players will receive five points per round for in this category. However, if you feel that your opponent does not deserve to receive full marks, then by all means give a lower score. A score of zero represents a terrible game, and must be accompanied by an explanation of why this score was awarded.

    Favorite Points

    Three points will be award to each player for each favorite army and each favorite opponent vote. No more than 15 favorite points may be gathered by each player.

    Bonus Points

    Full bonus points will be awarded to players who have turned in their lists 11:59 PM Eastern time on January 12, 2018.

    Lists should be sent to me.

    Voting – Player’s Choice Army

    Sometime during the first day, the players will vote for their favorite army. Winner of this vote will win the player’s choice award.

    Voting – Favorite Opponent

    After round five, the players will vote for their favorite opponent.

    Voting – Points

    Each player will receive three points per player’s choice vote or per favorite opponent vote up to a maximum of 15 points.


    The following awards will be given:

    • Best Overall – Player with highest total score.
    • Best Sportsman – Player with highest total sportsmanship points. Ties broken by favorite opponent votes, and then by battle.
    • Best Painted – Player with highest painting score.
    • Player’s Choice – Player with most favorite army votes.


    Scenarios will mostly be based on the main rules, however there will be minor changes.

    Open Lists

    We will use the open list option for playing The Ninth Age.


    To help avoid problems due to mistakes, or possible honesty issues, you must bring five additional printed copies of your army list and exchange them before the game starts. If you find that you have made errors during the game, please report them to tournament officials. If the issue is severe enough, points may be vacated, and the player may possibly be banned from future events.

    The majority of issues in this area are honest mistakes, and we understand this, so if you screw up, please just own your mistake, come clean and get it over with before it becomes a real problem.

    Furthermore, if there are other honesty or excessive bad sportsmanship issues with an opponent, please report them to a tournament official before it escalates. This is rarely a problem, but it is still worth mentioning.

    Rules Disputes

    If a rules dispute occurs, please consult you rule book before asking a judge. If you can’t find an answer in a timely fashion, offer to roll for it. If you still can’t come to an agreement, please get a tournament official. A ruling from a tournament official is final, even if the ruling is in error.

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